While most of us are conscious about what we put into our bodies, many of us forget that what we put onto our skin is just as important.

Pick up any beauty product and take a look at the ingredients. Chances are you’ll find a list of chemicals, longer than your forearm. We’re just as guilty of this as anyone. We’ll admit, we still use products we know contain artificial ingredients, because let’s face it, finding good and affordable natural products can often be just as difficult as pronouncing the ingredients from those long lists! We ‘re far from completely eliminating the synthetic products from our beauty regime, but when we can, we try to make a conscious effort to be more mindful of what we’re putting on our skin,  and so we couldn’t refuse Three Wise Mums’  offer to trial some of their products.


Three Wise Mums is an Australian owned family business built on the philosophy of natural beauty. Their boutique range of skin and bath products combines the art of creating luxurious products with old-fashion beauty recipes.  The botanical formulas are made entirely of natural ingredients derived from Mother Nature herself. Free of synthetic scents, fillers and chemicals, these products are ideal for a luxurious, guilt-free pamper.


When it comes to therapeutic benefits, their Australian Beige Clay Mask with Green Tea* really packs a punch. Australian Beige Clay is hailed by beauty critics for detoxifying the skin and stimulating circulation. Now we’ve all heard about the health benefits of sipping on green tea, but you don’t have to drink it to reap its benefits. It does wonders as a topical skincare ingredient, and its natural antibacterial properties of green tea also eliminate the need for synthetic preservatives. Rich in antioxidants that stimulate collagen production, green tea is also ideal for combating pimples, with anti-inflammatory qualities which will help you bid adieu to those nasty red spots. This is a multi-purpose product (yay!) that can be used as a cleanser or made into a paste to form a mask. As it contains clay, if you have drier skin like us, we recommend using the mask once a week. After washing it off, our skin felt so much lighter thanks to our de-clogged pores.



Three Wise Mums also kindly let us try their Sensitive Skin Face Balm*. Of the two products, this is the one we were most excited to try. We’ve struggled with sensitive skin for as long as we can remember, so using a moisturiser that is hydrating yet gentle on our skin has always been important.  This face balm is infused with ingredients good enough to eat. The blend of Apricot and Macadamia Oil seals in moisture, while evening primrose helps soothe irritated skin. You can bet your bottom dollar that this balm will be featured in future favourites’ posts. It is pleasantly hydrating and a little goes a very long way. It is not something we mind, but one thing we will say is that the blend of oils means that the balm does feel oily on the skin. Some might find it too greasy, but for us, that’s what makes this product so hydrating. We like to pop it on at night to give it time to soak in and work its magic!


Let us know what you’ve been using to nourish your skin and give it the TLC it deserves.

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