What’s the most important step in your skincare routine? If we put this question to most people, “moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!” is probably what the majority will come up with. But when talking about skincare, there is one crucial thing that many people miss, and as far as we are concerned, doesn’t get enough air time. And that is, removing your makeup.

It’s tempting to fall into bed every night with your makeup still on and leaving the chore of taking it off for the next morning, but trust us, your skin won’t love you for it. Catching up on your Zs with a full face of foundation can cause inflammation, clogging your pores. One night won’t do too much damage, but don’t make it a habit. When makeup settles in your pores, it makes them appear larger and overtime they may not ‘snap back’ as easily when your skin starts to lose some of it’s elasticity!
Human + Kind’s Wash Off Facial Cleanseris a relatively new discovery for us. We tried out a bunch of products from the brand a few weeks back, and this is hands down the stand out. The cream cleanser is extremely gentle and works wonders when used with the face cloth it comes with. We like to use it daily to cleanse our faces in the morning. If you want to find out more about this product in particular, feast your eyes on our full review here.  
We can sing praises about Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water until the cows come home, but we’ll save you the headache. This little beauty is not only loved by us, but our mum is also an avid user of the cleansing water. We have drier skin while she has combination skin, so this definitely is an all skin type friendly product. This has been a part of our daily skincare routine for a solid 2 years now. Read our complete review here

We’ve got a love hate relationship with makeup remover wipes. In the past, we’ve found that they don’t work particularly well for us. Even though we wear minimal makeup, the wipes we’ve used previously tend to leave alot of mascara behind. On top of that, we’ve found many to be quite drying and break out prone. Wot Not’s Organic Facial Wipes* is another new edition to our skincare counter. We were not expecting to be blown away by these. They remove absolutely everything without the help of any other makeup remover, and without leaving a trail of break outs. We’ve actually started cutting up the wipes and using smaller sections because half a wipe is more than enough to remove one full face of product. So for those who cite laziness as the reason for not taking off their makeup in the morning, you no longer have an excuse! These wipes are so convenient and gentle on the skin.

What’s one skincare secret you swear by?

♥ M + K


  1. That is definitely a big misconception when it comes to oily skin. We also know people with oilier skin types who tend to skip moisturising because they don't think they need the extra hydration. It definitely makes a difference, doesn't it?! As for people who sleep with their makeup on, cringe! We are the same, we have to take off our makeup no matter what our of the night it is

    M + K


  2. Hi Ange! We have to admit, serums are only something we've started to play around with in the last few weeks. We notice a difference though. As you mentioned with your skin, we feel that it does add that extra hydration. We definitely need to look into more serums

    M + K


  3. Two loves I have in my skincare is my serums and moisturiser. If I don't have these two my skin would be so dehydrated. I agree you need to remove all traces of your makeup every night, it doesn't matter what hour of the night I come home I always remove my makeup first before going to bed!

    Ang xx |


  4. One skincare secret I now swear by is moisturising haha, I have oily skin so for so many years I just was like nah don't need that LOL! But I started using moisturiser properly around 6 months ago and my skin is so happy because of it! But I agree, makeup removal is definitely the most important! I find it so nerve wracking when I see people sleeping with makeup on like arhhh I don't care how tired I am, I'm going to remove every last bit! x

    Katina |


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