Ever since we started filling in our brows, we’ve never looked back. Groomed brows truly do make a world of difference and while filling them in isn’t particularly fun, it’s become a routine step in our daily makeup that we never skip. We’ve gone through our fair share of brow products- pencils, pomades, you name it! But one thing we haven’t dabbled in when it comes to the eyebrow department is brow gel. 

We have to admit, we’ve dealt with the odd unruly brow hair. There are always a few that are stubborn as heck, and refuse to stay in place even with a few gentle prompts from our spoolie. When Rimmel’s Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel launched, we decided that it was time we give brow gels a go. 
We’ve been putting the *Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel in Dark Brown to the test for over 3 weeks now, and we are more than chuffed with it! We use it daily either by itself or in combination with other products. If we’re going for a natural, no-makeup makeup look, then we can get away with wearing the brow gel on its own. For a fuller look, we like to brush this through our eyebrows after using our Brow This Way Kit (reviewed here). 

Straight out of the tube, the shade looked way to light for us, but once applied, it was a surprisingly good match for our darker hair! The good news is that there is also a clear gel option for those who can’t find a shade in the range that suits them. The formulation of the gel is spot on! It does not leave our brows clumpy or crispy, and once the gel dries, their is no flaking or fall out either! Make sure you scrape off the excess product before applying though, to avoid depositing too much product. The gel does a brilliant job taming our brows, even the stubborn ones! As we mentioned, the gel is decently pigmented which means it can be worn alone. With eyebrow products, our pet peeve is coming home to find half our brows gone, but we’ve found that this gel does not budge. We’ve had a few 8 hour days in the last few weeks, and the gel has managed to hold up without fading or smudging. Yipee!

We’ve never tried Benefit’s Gimme Brow, but we’ve read that this is a pretty good dupe for it, and at $12.95 a pop, we’re not rushing to pick up the Gimme Brow anytime soon. In short, we have fallen head over heels with the Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel and will definitely be re-purchasing it once we finish up our tube, which won’t be too far in the future!  

Have you tried any of the products from the new Brow This Way collection?

♥ M + K


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