On a day where we’re wearing a more simple outfit, think plain white tee and cropped skinnies, we like throwing on a pair of statement shoes for some pizzazz. We have a few trusty pairs that never fail to spice up an outfit, but our pointed leopard flats have to be our most worn.
If you’ve been following our socials for long enough, you’ll know that these bad boys have been worn to death. But when they’re so comfy and versatile, can you blame us? Leopard shoes whether they be flats, a pair of heels or killer boots have a certain classy flare to them. They make any ensemble look put together and polished in the most trendy way possible. 

We’ll probably be wearing these faithful flats until the end of their days when we’ve got a Twelve Dancing Princesses situation on our hands. Until then, we’ll be reaching for them every other day.

♥ M + K

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