We have never been one for seasonal dressing. Call us sacrilegious, but when the temperature drops, our bright bold prints are not relegated to the back of our wardrobe. Nope, we like to embrace them and milk as much sunshine as we can. Yes, tropical prints are synonymous with Mediterranean villas and island retreats, but with some smart layering, they will be right at home in your Autumn wardrobe.

The best way to Autumn-fy your tropical summer prints is to pair it with a versatile, trans-seasonal piece like denim. Whether it be a pair of denim jeans or a jacket, it’s the fail proof trick to make the most of what you’ve got all year round.
JACKET: H&M / SWEATER: Dotti / PANTS: Dotti / SHOES: Rubi Shoes / BAG: Espirit

How do you like to style your tropical prints?

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♥ M + K

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