Lip Gloss. It’s the beauty product we’ve all grown up with. As 90s kids, we have fond memories of our first makeup encounters with the Lip Smacker glosses. Fast forward, and more than a decade on, the gloss still occupies the makeup bags of avid beauties the world over. But now the brief is minimal and fresh. Ditch the over glittered glosses for more neutral hues with hints of peach or caramel.

Lip glosses can be fleeting. Trust us, we’ve had our fair share of disappointing products that seem to evaporate quicker than you can say ‘mwah!”. But low and behold, we may have found the lip gloss that ticks all the boxes. We don’t want to jump the gun, but our Oh My Gloss in Purrr…Glossy Cat may be one of the best our lips have seen! It promises 6 hours of colour, shine, comfort and moisture for your lips. For any anti-gloss girls out there, this product is surprisingly light-weight and non-sticky which is like finding a needle in a lip  gloss stack!

Tip: Put an extra coat at the centre of your bottom lip, where light naturally hits for a more voluptuous appearance.

Have you tried any products from the Oh My Gloss range? Let us know what shade we should add to our collection.

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♥ M + K

Disclaimer: This post is NOT  a sponsored post and DOES NOT contain affiliate links. The products featured were kindly sent to us for consideration. As always, the opinions expressed in the post are honest ones.

25 thoughts on “OH MY GLOSS

  1. Hey Leena! Thohey are our fave sunnies 🙂 We think it's just about findind the right formula for you! We never used to wear lip gloss, but once we found some that we liked, we started to build up a small collection 🙂 give them another go!

    M + K


  2. This lip gloss is so iridescent and pretty on your lips! This is definitely my kind of lip gloss 🙂 My first memory of lip gloss was when I was eight years old and my friend put it on me.. I came home and my mum was shocked and wiped it off haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice



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