When that time of the month comes around (not that time!) the sound of mouses clicking and pages flipping can be heard the world over. Yes, as responsible adults, most of your pay check should ideally go towards paying the bills, investments or savings. But even scrooge would agree that every girl (and guy) is entitled to the odd unnecessary and selfish purchase. 

So grab your pens and take note, because we’ve compiled a short, but very drool-worthy list of some things you might like to put into your cart when your next pay check comes through. Don’t worry, you can thank us later!
First off is this boho meets New York City set. We’ve been eyeing this suede Zara skirt for a while now, and paired with that leopard crossbody, it would be right at home in our wardrobe!





Now for a modern preppy twist on the 90s denim. This suspender dress is too cute to handle! Our pockets are basically screaming for us to give in and pick up this denim number ASAP. 


Coffee Shop

We’re curious, are you a spender or a saver?

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♥ M + K 


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