LIFE’S A BEACH: #savethereef

One of the most rewarding things about blogging is having the opportunity to get behind brands and campaigns that we are passionate about. So when we saw this particular invite in our inbox, we did not hesitate to throw our support behind it.

 Growing up, every Aussie kid learns about the Great Barrier Reef. As one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, the Reef is filled with hundreds of plants and animal species, making it  one of the most diverse ecosystems. The growing industrial developments along Queensland’s coastline is doing irreversible damage to the already vulnerable system. Soon, all that will be left of the Reef will be the pictures in textbooks, stories of what it was once like and of course the most trusty source of all, Finding Nemo. As you would fertilise and prune your hedges, it is also our responsibility to preserve what is essentially Australia’s own back yard. 
From April 7th to April 15th LUSH Cosmetics and 1 Million Women are campaigning to #savethereef. The campaign is calling for the Heritage Committee to protect the Great Barrier Reef by officially declaring it ‘World Heritage in Danger’. You can all do your part by signing the online petition here.
We had the opportunity to attend an event with LUSH to help launch their campaign and to learn more about the Reef.


The passion with which store manager, Jillian spoke about the cause was infectious.
We had the opportunity to make our own tub of the Limited Edition campaign product which is appropriately named Life’s a Beach! And oh my, we went away smelling like surf and sand!



In support of 1 Million Women’s campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef, LUSH will be donating all the proceeds from the sale of the Life’s a Beach body scrub (RRP $9.95) to the campaign. Click here to pick up your own tub and get behind the great cause.


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♥ M + K

Disclaimer: This post is NOT  a sponsored post and DOES NOT contain affiliate links.

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