From fashion to beauty, the understated chic look is having a major moment, and nude lips are leading the way. From pinky nudes to warm beiges, the nude lip has become more than a trend, for us, it has become a staple.

Nudes are almost as versatile and classic as the red lip. Swipe on a nude-toned lipgloss or lipstick to downplay bold lashes or dramatic eyes, or like we love to do, go back to basics and pair a lighter lip with no-makeup makeup for a soft, natural look.

Our biggest tip for wearing a nude lip is to make sure you’ve got a smooth canvas. Dry and flaky lips and nude are not a good idea. Exfoliate your lips and if you’ve naturally got a strong lip colour, you can always add a thin layer of concealer or lighter lip pencil underneath.

  There are many different shades and textures available, and finding the right one for your complexion is an art. We’ve had to play around with a few different nudes to find the right one for us, but have finally accumulated a small collection which we have been reaching for a ton this summer. And as you can tell from our top picks, you don’t have to fork out too much to achieve flawless nude lips.



We love the mild peppermint fragrance and twist-up crayon packaging of these balms. Like the Kissable Balm Stains, these Lacquer Balms don’t budge. The fine glitter particles give the lips a subtle sheen, which we love, especially when we’re spending the night in town! Like all of Revlon’s Balms, these can be worn sheer or really be built up for a statement lip!
 This creamy lipliner matches pretty closely to our natural lip colour. It’s both pigmented and longlasting which makes it the perfect base for other lip products, but also a gorgeous soloist.


NYX’s Butterglosses are indeed buttery. They’re extremely moisturising which makes donning lighter lips a little less daunting for those of us who are always battling chapped lips.

As you can tell Revlon is one of our favourite lipstick brands. From the Kissable Balm Stains to the Lip Butters, we love them all!! So there’s no surprise that this beauty has made it on our fave nudes list. Like all Revlon lip products we’ve tried, this Superlustrous lippie is super creamy. It is moisturising, pigmented and gives a subtle sheen, without being overly glossy.


What are your favourite nude lip products?

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 ♥ M + K

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