Festival season is officially upon us. Over the years, our favourite festivals have become about a lot more than just the music. They have become as much of a street style hub as the streets of Paris and New York.
Over the years, festival style has crystallised into its own look. Our advice to festival goers this season? Stick with bright colours and bold prints to nail the effortless look made viral by celebrity festival hoppers. Take a note from the likes of Solange Knowles, Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Bosworth, and embrace the colours of the rainbow. There’s no better way  to stand out among a sea of revellers then to sport some obnoxiously bright colours and prints. If you’re over the ever popular floral trend (not us!), then opt for something a little different like the aztec print on this woven skater dress. 
DRESS: Angel Biba / BAG:Kmart / SANDALS: Rubi


Are you heading to any music festivals?

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♥ M + K



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