NAIL IT: Tiffany & Co. Christmas Nails

Unfortunately those in the Southern Hemisphere, like us, don’t have the luxury of just throwing on a trusty ol’ Christmas sweater unless melted snowman is the look you’re going for. There is though, an easier way of embracing the festive holiday for those experiencing a warmer 25th of December or just wanting to crank up the Christmas cheer a notch- NAIL ART! Just like a necklace can transform your outfit, nail art can put the oh! in any ocassion.

Trust us, even if you’re crunched for time, this post will have you Christmas-ready in no time.

Keep in mind that all the colours we’ve used in our pictorial can be swapped with colours of your choice. We picked out these specific shades to recreate the iconic Tiffany & Co. boxes which, fingers crossed, some of us may be lucky enough to find under the tree this Christmas!
Cue the sleigh bells…

1. Paint your nails with a clear undercoat.
2. Paint all your nails, except the middle finger with a Tiffany Blue shade. Apply as many coats as required to achieve an opaque finish.

3. Create an accent nail with the middle finger by layering a silver and glitter polish


Now for the fun part…
4. Using a tooth pick, dip the tip into silver nail polish and draw in your bow.
     TIP: Start off with the cross before drawing the actual bow


5. Finish off with a clear top coat to seal in your design.



If you try out this or any of our past nail art tutorials, send a picture or tag us in your photo so we can see!
From the both of us, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We hope your day is filled with lots of love, laughter and food! A big thank you to all our readers for supporting
M + K over the past year.  We can’t wait to share with you more blogging fun in the New Year! 
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♥ M + K

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