BEAUTY REPORT CARD: Shiseido’s Maquillage Edge Free Eyelash Curler

Beautywise, curling our lashes and coating them with generous amounts of mascara is one step we never skip when heading out for the day. Unlike others who seem to be blessed with lashes that defy gravity, ours are stubby and as flat as a pancake. Accepting that, we’ve got to work with what we’re given, and let’s just say we have come to appreciate a good eyelash curler. We’ve tried our fair share of curling contraptions, but we think we may have found the one in Shiseido’s Maquillage Edge Free Eyelash Curler. Keep reading to see how it faired in our Beauty Report Card.
Curl// A+
It definitely does the job! We find that tilting the handle up while pinching down gives us the best results. Unlike the other eyelash curlers we’ve tried previosuly, you don’t need to pump the handle as many times to achieve fluttering lashes that will have any guy weak at the knees.
Design// B+
Our biggest peeve with this particular curler is that it doesn’t fit our eyes, so we can’t curl all our eyelashes at once. Instead, we have to move the curler around the length of our lashline, curling our innner and outer lashes separately.

 What eyelash curler is currently in your makeup bag?
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