Stick on nail decals are something we’ve been seeing a lot of. But as nail art enthusiasts we’ve always liked doing our own nail art, so we’ve never tried any of these out before. But let’s just say we’ve been converted. These floral, preglued nail strips are from the brand Kiss. We’re so pleased with how easy and quick they were to apply. You can use these to either cover your entire nail for a full manicure or for a French manicure look. We will be definitely trying out more nail stickers! They’re fun and convenient, and the best thing?!! No drying time!!



Packaging and design: A
The instructions for applying the decals to cover your entire nail or for a French manicure look are straight forward and easy to follow.

Formulation: A+
We’re pretty sure these stickers aren’t made to last on the nails for very long. But we are impressed at how well they’ve held up. They’ve held up for about a week so far and we wouldn’t be surprised if they last a little longer!! 

Range: A

From florals to bejewelled designs, there is something for everyone. We were very impressed by their range and can’t wait to try a few more of them out.

Price: A+

For $5 you really can’t go wrong!! We’ve seen plenty of other nail decals for much more, so this is the perfect place to start for those skeptics who are just starting to play around with stickers.

Overall: A +
Kiss gets a big floral thumbs up from us! We wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase these stickers or to try out other designs from their range.




We’re keen to try out more of these nail stickers so let us know which brands you’ve tried out and what you recommend.
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♥ M + K


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