The number one rule in The Fashion Game is, there are no rules. You’re all probably pumping your fists at your screens right now, and thinking “M + K, there are rules and they exist for a reason!”. Cue flashbacks of Bjork’s iconic swan dress and Cher’s 1986 Oscar’s ensemble. But what’s one thing these two starlets have in common besides there questionable outfit choices? CONFIDENCE! Yes, they may not have been on point in the style stakes, but they were both oozing confidence. So, maybe there is a rule in the Fashion Game after all- Confidence is the best accessory.
This week, we decided to be brave with our Oasap purchases and show you guys that experimenting with your wardrobe isn’t that scary. As Bjork and Cher proved, confidence is the key to pulling off anything and everything. Mixing prints can be a minefield, but it’s all about having fun and stepping outside of your comfort zone. 
 *BLOUSE: Oasap / *SKIRT: Oasap / SANDALS: Miss Shop / *NECKLACE: Oasap
When mixing prints, stick to a colour palette by matching the colours from your different prints. With our outfit, we paired a brighter blue striped top with a dusty blue skirt. Sticking to the same family of colours will guarantee that you will be turning heads for the right reason.
We were quite chuffed with the quality of the 3 pieces we picked up from Oasap, but we were less than satisfied with the shipping time. Once upon a time, Oasap was on the A game with their shipping, arriving on our door steps 7 or less days after the order was placed. This time, it took twice as long!
The only one complaint we have about the pieces themselves is the red stitching on the pocket of the blouse. We would have preferred if it was either white or blue, but otherwise we were very impressed with all the pieces.

Look at that blingage!
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♥ M + K

DISCLAIMER: Products marked with a * were kindly sent to us for consideration, but as always, our reviews and opinions are honest ones.  

46 thoughts on “BE BRAVE

  1. I believe that one can be called fashionable or a fashionista if he or she carries himself/herself well despite of the strange or too bold outfits. To be able to do this, one must have confidence. One must be brave to walk off the look outside where the world becomes the runway.



  2. You're so right! when it comes to fashion you should be brave and wear what you want to no matter what others might think. Great outfit, I love the mix between the prints, it is really cute.


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