GET THE LOOK: Feelin’ Blue

Although we wouldn’t say we agree with all their style choices, a celebrity fashion icons list would not be complete without mentioning at least one of the Jenner sisters.
We absolutely love the comfort factor of Kendall’s outfit. If you comb through your wardrobe you’ll be able to throw this look together without having to spend a buck. A simple pair of skinnies, a white tank and a tailored jacket and you’ll be Kool to go!! (see what we did there?!)
Get the Look: Feelin' Blue

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♥ M + K

23 thoughts on “GET THE LOOK: Feelin’ Blue

  1. I actually think the Jenner girls get more flake than they deserve… I think Kendall's style is always spot on (she's got the model off-duty look down pat) and well Kylie might dress a little inappropriately but you can't deny her influence: she's probably the reason why girls are overdrawing their lips! I like Kendall's style best, it isn't so in-your-face and definitely very kool. Xx

    Shaqinah from Like

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