OOTD: Mr. Stripes

Hi, we’re M + K and we’re Stripe-aholics. There, we’ve said it. We have no self control whatsoever when it comes to stripes! We have quite a collection, but we don’t think it will stop growing anytime soon. We’ve put a ban on purchasing any stripes, but when they are such an effortless and easy to style print, it’s pretty darn hard not to give in. Especially in cooler months when stores seem to be stripes galore, you’re bound to catch us in a stripey sweater or sleeved top every odd day.

Here is a snap from the other day starring yours truly, Mr Stripes! When we’re going for a casual and comfy look, we prefer to keep accessories to a minimal, and stripes let you get away with this! They require close to no styling and are perfect for those “oh-no-I-should-have-been-out-the-door-30minutes-ago” mornings.

SUNGLASSES: Dotti / ANORAK: Cotton On / TOP: Jeanswest / SCARF: Cotton On / TIGHTS: Cotton On / BOOTS: Miss Shop 
What do you have way too many of in your wardrobe?
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M + K

19 thoughts on “OOTD: Mr. Stripes

  1. Plaid flannels are the perfect go to piece when you just want to throw something on, but still look like you've put effort into it! We only have one, but we have worn it to death, so we might have to take your lead and pick up some more 🙂

    M + K


  2. Hello, my name is Elle and I am a fellow stripe-ahollic.

    I have been for a very long time. It came to such a problematic point that I had no other patterns (or lack of patterns, for that matter) other than stripes in my wardrobe. Those were very difficult times…….

    But you know, stripes. So classic. So easy. How can you not?? Right….?




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