A+ Outfit Idea

The beginning of the school term is probably not the most popular time of the year! We know we certainly dreaded it. Most of you are probably still stuck in holiday mode and haven’t given school a second thought. But never fear, we’ve got you covered!
We had uniforms at our school, but we know if we had the luxury of a casual dress code, putting together outfits would be the biggest headache. Our advice to you, KISS. We’ve said it so many times in countless posts, but Keep It Simple Sweetheart! Sticking to staples and basics will make throwing together an outfit so much easier for those serial snooze button pressers.
But I want to stand out you say? Well, you can! Go for basic pieces like sweaters or a pair of jeans that have their own little unique twist. For example, we love the lace cuffing on these classic light wash jeans and the distressed material down the legs. And can we talk about that sweater?
Another simple way to jazz up your existing wardrobe is with fun accessories. Don’t be afraid to play with different shapes and colours.

mplusk polyvore
If you want to see where all the pieces in the set are from, visit our Polyvore page or click on the picture which will take you directly to the page!
What is your go to outfit for school ?
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 M + K

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