This season, we have well and truly worn out our anorak, and we’re not about to pack it away! With its pockets, hoodie and layering potential, it’s obvious why we can’t get enough.
Now that the weather is starting to warm up a tad, a coat or jacket, like our Cotton On anorak is the perfect transitional piece for layering on top of your favourite summer dresses. With something like an anorak which can often be slightly masculine and boyish, opt for a skater or a fit and flare style dress which synches at the waist to accentuate those feminine curves and give you a bit more shape.
  ANORAK: Cotton On / DRESS: Paper Scissors / STOCKINGS: Razza Matazz / BOOTS: Penny Boot from Miss Shop

What has been your go to piece in your wardrobes this season?
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M + K

34 thoughts on “OOTD: TIC-TAC ANORAK

  1. I really want to buy an anorak, because it's going to be autumn here soon. I absolutely love this one, but I think I might be going for something a little thicker (for autumn/winter time). They look so cool and they're easy to be combined with autumnal colours. Lovely lovely lovely…


  2. Hey thanks for your comment 🙂 (I know that that was ages ago but I was so busy.)
    The anorak looks lovely. I have a similar one and I think they are so cool and yup I agree, the layering potential is just amazing ♥


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