There are more denim washes to choose from then we count on one hand, but in the past few weeks, one in particular has shot to the top of our must-have radar. It’s not the classic wash nor the 80’s acid dye that has fast become a firm favourite in our wadrobe. It’s the light wash denim which has for a long time been the under dog in the denim stakes, often underestimated as something that can only be pulled off in the warmer months. But as we’ve discovered in our whirl wind romance with our light wash denim jeans, it is far more versatile than some think.
 Smart Casual
This is a look celebrities the world over have embraced. A tailored blazer and your favourite pair of jeans make for one comfy and trendy outfit which will have you sorted for your daily coffe run or a day out with the girlfriends. We just love the way the blue hues in the tartan print tie in with the blue denim.

Blazer: Cotton On / Top: Country Road / Jeans: Just Jeans / Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Girl Next Door
If you’re stuck in a rutt and are lost as to how to style your light wash denim, throw on a white or cream top. We love the look of neutral hues and a good pair of pale blue jeans, it’s a combination which has never failed us and one that we’ll proudly sport again and again. The crochet detailing on this top also amps up the feminine factor in this ensemble.

Top: Just Jeans / Jeans: Just Jeans / Ring: Diva / Shoes: Antonio Club

Easy Edge
Just like it’s classic cousin, light wash denim can be dressed up or down, and
dolled up or roughened up. Try adding some contrast with darker accessories or pieces like this knit crop top for an edgier look.

Top: Zara / Necklace: Valleygirl / Jeans: Just Jeans / Loafers: Betts
Are you a classic denim devotee, or have you fallen for light wash denim like us?
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  © M + K


  1. I'm usually wearing classic denim but after reading this post and seeing your cute outfit ideas, I really want to wear a light wash denim. I think I lighter pair is especially great for the summer.


  2. Great ideas for wearing light denim! I find both light and dark denim tends to get equal wear in my wardrobe – although the light denim gets worn more often in warm weather, darker more in cool weather haha 🙂

    Away From Blue


  3. woah i'm so impressed with this post! i admittedly never go for light wash jeans just because i think they're really hard to style in a none-junior-high-way (haha) but this post has opened my eyes. i REALLY like the white boho look especially, but all the choices are really fun 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


  4. This is a great post, I always have trouble making jeans look fashionable as opposed to just looking like I can't be bothered but these are great looks, where are your jeans from hun? Also thank you for commenting on my blog
    Alex xx



  5. Don't be! We're paranoid about sauce stains etc too, but we don' t let it stop us from rcocking them. We canted to show you how versatile the piece can be so that hopefully everyone will come away liking at least 1

    M + K


  6. I've always been a bit scared of light bottoms, but this post has made me desperate to find a pair of ligth wash jeabs! I really liked that all 3 outfits are different in style! There's something for everyone


  7. Wow your outfits look so gorgeous! I especially love the second and last one. I'm in a white-phase and am only buying white shirts, etc.
    So probably that's why. What I actually wanted to say, the pictures and outfits are lovely! I'm definitely feeling inspired by them!


  8. We know how you feel! We used to just wear dark wash denim until we discovered these pair! it's about finding the right ones for you, but obviously if you don't feel that it is your style then stick to what you prefer! There is nothing wrong with dark wash, in fact some of our favourites are darker washes because they are so versatile

    M + K


  9. i have to be honest and say i'm afriad of acid wash. more often i'll pull out darker jeans since they always go with evertyhing and there's a casualness about lighter washes that i dont know how to deal with lol. i think they look good on other people and wish i had a pair but…i also feel like its not really my style.
    A Beautiful Zen


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