We’re not sure if this is just a phase we’re going through, but if you checked out our last nail polish review (here), you’ll realise we’ve been obsessed with glitter nail polishes, so sorry, but today we’re back with a review on another sparkly favourite. It is Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine nail polish in Sparks Fly.
Sparks Fly
Not only does it share its name with one of our favourite Taylor Swift songs, but this polish is absolutely gorgeous, especially when the light catches it! We’ve only tried this as a top coat over other polishes, so we’re not quite sure how well it works on its own. But so far, we love the way it applies and lasts on our nails. With some other Sally Hansen products we’ve tried in the past, we found that the brushes gave the polishes an unpleasant streaky finish, but the brush for the Triple Shine range seem much softer,giving a smoother finish.


Affordability    A+
Ever the fierce bargain hunters, we managed to pick it up for $5, but originally $9.95, you really can’t go wrong.
Availability    A
The Triple Shine range is available in all stores selling Sally Hansen, however, we found that most stores only stocked a small number of the 29 shades.
Packaging    A+
We love the sleek, simple packaging. It reminds us a lot of Illamasqua’s nail polishes (and the polish itself actually reminds us of Illamasqua’s Perseid).

Formulation    A +
It definitely lives up to the name of the range, giving a gorgeous glossy and shiny finish. It also applies smoothly, and one coat is enough to coat your nails in glittery awesomeness. We’ve only tried this as a top coat so far, so we’re not too sure how it would perform as a stand alone polish. To be honest, we don’t think it would do very well on it’s own because the blue base is not very opaque or pigmented.

Longevity    A+
Sparks Fly is an amazing top coat. We have yet to try it out as a standalone polish, but it defintiely helps other polishes last longer.
Range    A+
On their website, Sally Hansen says that the range includes 29 shades, but we’ve only seen them available in a handful.
 Sally Hansen gets a sparkly thumbs up for this nail polish. We’d defintely recommend you try out their Triple Shine collection. Hopefully we can hunt down a few more shades!
We’d love to add more glittery nail polishes to our collection, so let us know what sprakly polishes are your favourite. If you liked this review, make sure you share it with your friends, and follow us on GFC, Bloglovin’ and Twitter for more exciting posts!!
♥ M + K


  1. Thanks Shari! The polish is quite sheer on its own, so we decided to keep with its colour and apply a blue base coat. The glitters are a bit bigger, but they are surprisingly sturdy. We've had polishes in the past where the glitters were so big they wouldn't conform to the shape of our nails, but this one is fine!

    It's great to see you are back to blogging. We love doing DIY ourselves, so we like getting project ideas from other bloggers

    M + K


  2. Such a pretty pollish! I like how you used different shades of blue as base. Since the glitters are quite big, is there a chance they'll chip off?

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
    I was away for a while but now im back.
    The new DIY horns post is up on the blog.

    Have a nice day twin siss M & K!


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