As we’ve said time and time again, we are big supporters of homegrown brands, so we literally jumped at the chance to try out a product from ELES‘ line. ELES is an Australian makeup brand which sources its products from nature and fuses it with science which sounds intriguing to a pair of nerds like us!


We’ve been on an endless hunt for a lip gloss on the sheerer side, but one that still has a subtle tint when worn by itself and a nice sheen when worn on top of our favourite lipsticks. So when we spotted the LipToxyl Sheer in Precious, we knew that this could put to rest our search for the perfect everyday lip gloss.

According to the product description, the LipToxyl uses plumping technology to volumise your lips for a fuller look. We’ve read about plumping lip products on other beauty blogs, but we’ve never tried them out for ourselves. So we were fairly curious to see whether it would live up to what it claims.

We have to say, our lips really do feel like a million bucks with this beauty on! We’ve totally been won over by the natural sheen (not to mention the luxurious packaing!).One thing we don’t enjoy quite as much is the weird tingling sensation we’re left with after application. We know it’s the plumping technology at work, but we are not too keen on it.

Here we’ve chosen to wear the lipgloss on top of a nude lip crayon for a more natural look which is perfect paired with more dramatic smokey eye or winged liner.

Face of Australia Sheer Gloss lip crayon in Sundae

Affordability:  C   BREAKDOWN

At $67.52, this lipgloss has a price tag to rival some of the top high end brands. We’re guessing that this has alot to do with the plumping technology that the LipToxyl claims to use, but we’re not sure whether it even plumped our lips enough to justify this.

 Availability   B

ELES have an online store, but the brand is only stocked at a limited number of spas around Australia and at one location in Fiji. For a product that is on the pricey side, it can be a bit of a leap of faith to purchase this online without swatching it in person, especially given that beauty products can often be a hit or miss.


Packaging   A

If looks could kill, the sleek packaging of this gloss would definitely come out on top. It’s simple, yet the silver lid and rectangular body is sure to make anyone feel like a million bucks.

Formulation   A
The LipToxyl is increadibly light and not too sticky which is the last thing you need when you have your hair down on a windy day! It is quite sheer though, so for those looking for something that with a bit more colour, then this probaly isn’t for you. Perhaps another shade from the range will have more colour payoff, but the subtle sheer tint is exactly what we have been on the market for. We’re not too sure our lips were physically fuller after application, but the diamond dust infused in the gloss does give off a lovely sheen to create the illusion of fuller lips when it catches the light.

Longevity   A

This gloss definitely wears well. Even after wiping it off, the tingling stuck around for a while, which from the websites descripton we presume is the “plumping peptide” which works to stimulate collgen growth over time.

Range   B

The LipToxyl comes in 4 different shades which is by no means extensive. However, what we do like about the range of colours that are available is the fact that they are relatively nude and as the name suggests, sheer, which means you can get a bigger bang for your buck as it can be layered on top of anything.



 We can now confidently say that our search for the perfect sheer gloss is over! Despite the strnge tingling, we were quite impressed with the LipTox Sheer and are keen to try out other products from the ELES range.


Have you tried a plumping lip product before?


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  1. i've never tried a lip plumping product before, but I do love the colour of this gloss. i'll have to look into eles, it's definitely the first time i've heard of the brand


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