Clashing prints are probably one of the trickiest trends to pull off since double denim made its return to the fashion scene. Get it right and you could have even your fashion rivals in awe, but get it wrong and they might not let you off so easily. This look is definitely not for the faint hearted, but we’ve taken the trend from the runway and given it an M + K makeover to bring you a few more wearable ways of rocking one of this season’s hottest trends.
Floral + Stripes
This by far has to be our most worn and loved mixed print combination. Our tip to those still wary of how to pull off this trend is try picking two prints that have a colour in common. Here the black stripes in the sweater and black background of the dark floral print pulls the whole outfit together.

Sweater: H & M / Shorts: Forever21  / Shoes: Ipanema

Still not confident with your mixing prints prowess? Don’t worry,  a piece like this top can help you cheat your way to fashion maestro status by taking out the hard work of mixing and matching different prints.


Top: Bershka / Pants: UNIQLO  / Shoes: Sandler
Date it
When we say clashing prints, we aren’t stricly referring to those printed onto fabrics. Try playing around with different textures like the eyelet cutouts on this top. Coupled with the navy polka dot skirt, we think this makes for the perfect date outfit!

Top: Cotton On / Skirt: Cotton On / Rings: Colette and Lovisa

Yes, this is one tricky and sometimes not so successful trend, but don’t be afraid to give it a spin. If you’re ever short on ideas on how to pair up your favourite then don’t panic, you have the richest source of fashionable ideas at your finger tips.
Have you dabbled in this crazy trend before? Let us know what your favourite prints to mix? are. 
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48 thoughts on “CLASH OF THE PRINTS

  1. Love that there is so much floral in this post! Even the cutout top is so gorgeously subtly floral for those of us who are not as daring with the prints. The floral shorts in the first outfit have to be my favorite though, mostly because I picked up my first pair not too long ago and I am finding so much inspiration everywhere I look. You both are no exception either! Lovely outfits!



  2. genius styling ideas! i would have never though of mixing some of these prints myself. ill have to try it out. i especially love the striped sweater and floral shorts


  3. This is such a creative post idea! 🙂 You two definitely know how teach it the right way! I especially adore the “floral + stripes” combo. I love mixing those two patterns myself and throwing in some rose gold accessories. Now, I can't think of wearing stripes or floral on its own without “clashing” it with another pattern, hehe.

    Now following your lovely blog! 🙂 Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts.

    Runaway In LA


  4. Love your fashion sense! I'm always going for plain clothes, will be definitely incorporating more prints into my outfits! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration girls!

    lots of love,
    Thuy (


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