What’s Trending

Seasonal trends can be hard to keep track of, but today, most trends transcend seasons. From the much loved monochrome to denim, there a lot of familiar faces in the fashion forecast this year.

So keep on reading to see what is setting the fashion world alight this season!

1. Geometric Prints

These are to the 21st century what the psychedelic tie dye and floral prints were to the 1960’s hippie. Don’t get us wrong, florals are timeless, but for a modern look, opt for bold geometric prints. As far as this season is concerned, the brighter the better!

Tip: With all those colours, accessorising bright geometric prints can be tricky business. A fail proof approach is to pick out one colour from the print, so we’ve gone with pale pink. This way you can avoid going OTT!

Skirt: K-mart
Shoes: Ipanema
Rings: Lovisa

2. Light Wash Denim

It probably doesn’t come as a suprise that denim is once again one of the seasons most coveted pieces. But this time round, the classic blue wash is taking the back seat in favour of it’s light-washed cousin. If you buy one new thing this year, make it light wash denim.

Tip: Create contrast by layering light washed denim with darker pieces from your wardrobe. Denim jackets can also look quite boxy and chunky, but to avoid loking like a 90s kid, roll up the sleeve for the relaxed Kate Bosworth-esque look.

Jacket: Dotti
Belt: Portmans

3. Sheer

This is another no-brainer! Sheer pieces have been all the rage in recent years, on and off the catwalk. But after last season’s embellished sheers, its back to basics with pared back blouses and button ups.
Tip: Styling basics doesn’t have to be plain and boring. If you’re ever in doubt, there’s no better way to spice up your look than to throw on a pair of patterned bottoms.

Necklace: Colette
Shoes: Ipanema

Let us know which trends are you loving or loathing this season in the comments below!
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50 thoughts on “What’s Trending

  1. Keeping up with trends gives me a headache!! Good thing I've come by this post, because I loved all the outfits, and i'll defintely be taking inspiration from them. I especially love the patterned shorts and skirt!!


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