Style Snag: Olivia Palermo

Last week we were lucky enough to guest blog on where we gave readers the 101 on how to get Olivia Palermo’s look with some wardrobe basics. Today we decided to turn those tips into outfits, and show you how we snagged the fashionista’s amazing style!
Fashion can be a hard game to play, but one style siren who has her opponents against the wall every time is Olivia Palermo. Whether she’s gracing the red carpet or running errands, this brunette never steps a foot wrong. But don’t worry; you won’t need her megawatt bank account to get her enviable style.
If we’ve learnt anything from style stalking her, it’s that Olivia is a serial recycler when it comes to her fashion choices, but unlike some critics, we applaud her for this. For us, when we look at her outfits, we see a handful of well-loved staples and a whole lot of smart styling and accessorising. Yes, statement pieces are guaranteed to spice up any old outfit, but if you want a wardrobe that will carry you through thick and thin, and from season to season and trend to trend, then staples are your best friends. It’s about investing in tried and true pieces that you know will work with anything you throw at it.
Call it the power of 3, but we’ve brainstormed a trio of wardrobe must-haves that will have you a real contender in the fashion game.

The Chambray:

Comfort meets style is the best way to describe this final must-have. The chambray is a little bit Western and a little preppy.
 Tip:Want to know Olivia’s secret for staying on top of her fashion A game? Accessorising. A few key accessories can instantly update your look from season to season. Take note of her penchant for eye-popping statement pieces. Textured accessories like a belt are a great way to push the boundaries.


The Black Blazer:
The black blazer is a true wardrobe workhorse. It offers infinite styling potential which will give you bang for your buck.
 Tip: Follow in Olivia’s footsteps and mellow down your look by layering your blazer over a loose, relaxed tee.

The White Blouse:
When it comes to versatility, the white blouse scores off the charts every time. Over a pair of distressed jeans or tucked into a fitted skirt, the white blouse works with just about everything!
Tip: From the office to girls’ night out and everything in between, consider this look as a guide to making the most of your wardrobe basics. Olivia shows us that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Move over boring trousers and pin skirts! A white blouse paired with some well-fitting shorts or your favourite skirt makes for a power house couple that will take you from work to date night.

Whose style do you want to see us snag next?

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74 thoughts on “Style Snag: Olivia Palermo

  1. nice blog I like your ideas<3

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting as well i really appreciate it<3
    check out my latest outfit post and let me know what you think 🙂

    i am trying to follow you but my computer is acting up and will only let me comment right now :/
    but i will definitely come back to your blog<3


  2. Your outfits are so cute.:) My ultimate favorite is the first one with the skirt and chambray shirt. It's the perfect spring outfit. The second outfit is nice as well. Very chic, sophisticated, and businesslike too. 🙂

    Loving your sense of style. Take care. ❤


  3. Looking for the perfect blazer was defikntiely a challenge for us!! We're what we like to refer to as “vertically challenged, so finding a blazer that didn't look like a butlers coat on us was hard!! But they're definitely a staple!

    M + K


  4. That's exactly what we tried to show with these outfits, because let's face it, most of us don't have the money (or wardrobe space) to wear a completely different outfit everyday! Thank you, we were super excited about our feature!!

    M + K


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