Work it: Tips and Ideas for Corporate Dressing

While we are well and truly into 2014, some of us are only packing away our holiday gear now, and trading our cozzies for office appropriate clothing. But for those starting new jobs or even on the hunt, the pressure of looking your best is magnified. As mothers the world over have preached again and again, first impressions are important because they are the ones that tend to stick.
The days when nine-to-five suits were all the rage are behind us. Corporate dressing is now a whole new ball game, and we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together some outfit ideas and tips on updating your work wardrobe from economy to fashion savvy employee!
Shifty Business:
Ditch the form fitting dress and pin skirt for something more laidback. This season is all about relaxed and unstructured silhouettes which you can adopt into your work wardrobe. The shift dress is the perfect combination of comfort and style. For those sitting behind a desk for hours, this cut is your new best friend. The shift dress means you can breathe out and feel comfortable without compromising style.
You can stick to monotones, but a unique shift like this which contrasts the retro polka dots with the ethnic designs says “I’m not afraid to push the boundaries!”.
Dress: Dotti
Shoes: Portland

Animal prints
We haven’t always been big fans of animal prints. They can look tacky and over the top, but if done properly, you’ll be the object of envy around the office!  Where most people get it wrong is they just try to do too much. With a print that is so bold, it is best to KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart!) and let the piece speak for itself. The black blouse, bag and shoes tie in perfectly with the black in the skirt leaving us with one clean and sophisticated look. 
Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you forget about the accessorises. Don’t underestimate what a simple chain necklace can do for you! The gold ties in with the hardware on the bag and shoes, pulling this whole outfit together. It’s simple touches like this that will show your colleagues that you have an eye for the smaller details.  

Necklace: Valleygirl
Skirt: Witchery
*Bag: Oasap

Despite the designer heels and high end threads your co-workers may be sporting, as Jessie J said “it’s not about the money”. Quality pieces can be bought on a tight budget you just have to look a bit harder, but imagine the satisfying feeling you’ll have every time you wear it! To date, this Witchery silk skirt has been our biggest bargain! With a retail price of $149.95, we managed to pick up this beauty for a measly $6.97!! 

Digital Prints:
Bright digital patterns are guaranteed to inject a look-at-me factor into any outfit, but be careful when choosing a print. You want to think about the placement of the patterns on the garment. If you’re looking for something that really flatters and accentuates your curves, then opt for pieces where the patterns are concentrated on the sides of the chest, waist and hip regions, avoiding any detailing on the midsection. The positioning of the prints on this particular top do wonders for the shoulders, with the horizontal lines creating a structured look comparable to the trusty shoulder pads.
While we have trash talked the classic office staples which have outfitted women for years, we can’t deny they are trusty must-haves. It’s just about re-working and re-inventing them. A classic which has our stamp of approval is the pencil skirt which adds a sleek touch to this office chic ensemble.

Necklace: Valleygirl
Skirt: Supre
Bag: Jag

Is there something you want us to help you style? Or maybe you have an event to attend at you don’t know what to wear? Let us know in the comments below and we may put together a post.
M + K
DISCLAIMER: the items marked with a * were sent to us for consideration, but as always our reviews and opinions are honest ones


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