Beauty Report Card: Sinful Colors "Crystal Clear"

Ok, so we don’t need reminding that ’tis no longer the season, and that we’re at the time of year where most of us have already broken our New Year’s resolutions, but who says a girl needs to surrender her magpie tendencies for all things sparkly just because the holidays have ended?!

“Crystal Clear”
We’re not going to lie, we like LOVE our nail polishes (see our Nail it posts), and in recent months our collection has been steadily growing. One particular polish that has skyrocketed to the top of our favourites is this glitter nail polish called “Crystal Clear” from Sinful Colors.
Do you remember getting a new toy as a child and refusing to part with it until your parents got you the latest My Little Pony, and then that toy became old news? Well, this polish is that new toy, only we don’t think we will ever get sick of it. We’ve already worn it so many times, and as preachers of a frugal philosophy, the versatility of this nail polish bumps it up a few places on our favourites list!! “Crystal Clear” looks amazing on it’s own and just as great over other polishes. We also love that it has different size and shaped glitters, and for $3, you really can’t go wrong.


Affordability   A+

Originally $4.95, we managed to snag this polish on sale for $3. It really was cheap as chips!
Availability   A
Sinful Colors is available in Australian stores such as Target, Priceline and Kmart. It is also stocked in selected US, Canadian and UK stores. Unfortunately though, they do not have an online store, so there will be no crazy midnight impulse nail polish buys!
Packaging   B
The packaging is pretty simple, we guess you really can’t go wrong with that.
Longevity   A+
“Crystal Clear” is an amazing standalone polish and top coat. We’ve had it last on our nail for almost 2 weeks, and found that it can help other colours remain chip-free for almost as long.
Range   A+
Sinful Colors have an impressive range, with everything from glitter to neon and your favourite pastels. We’re pretty sure we won’t have any trouble picking out more colours to try out!
Overall Grade: A
We would definitely recommend this polish and even repurchase it ourselves. If all Sinful Colors’ nail polishes are as awesome as this, we’d better hurry up and get our hands on a few more bottles! Have you tried anything from Sinful Colors? If you have, let us know which one you think we need in our collection in the comments below or tweet us!
M + K

20 thoughts on “Beauty Report Card: Sinful Colors "Crystal Clear"

  1. I have to get my hands on this polish! I have a few of sinful colours nail polishes already, but I haven't seen this one before. I prefer the chunky glitter look from the small glitter, so this definitely is on my to buy list. By the way, I agree that the packaging is a bit simple


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