Pre-fall Haul + Dresslily Review

With temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius this week, we know that the Australian winter is still far off. But the first rule of scouts is “always be prepared”, right?! Well, at least it should be, which is why we decided to pick out a few winter staples from Dressily.
When we received our package, we were extremely excited. Imagine children ripping open presents on Christmas day, that was us! But when we finally got through the tightly packaged package, we were greeted with an overwhelming stench. You heard right, the 2 pieces we ordered smelt strangely like dust. Even after washing them, the smell still lingers.
Outfit #1
We love how preppy and girly layering a blouse under a sweater can be. And of course, you know us and our statement necklaces, this outfit would not be complete without a chain necklace.
It’s safe to say that the plaid sweater was what we were most excited about, but unfortunately it fell short of our expectations. The fitting was all wrong, with the shoulders not sitting in place, and the sleeves falling short of our wrists. The sweater itself was quite stiff which made it look boxy on.
We were also unimpressed with the quality of the stitching, with messy threads hanging off all over the sweater, especially on the sleeves.

*Top: Dresslily
Blouse: Paper Scissors
Jeans: Jeans West
Shoes: Myer
Necklace: Valleygirl

Outfit #2
This Aztec cardigan was less of a disappointment. We added a pair of hunter green loafers to give this monochrome ensemble a much needed pop of colour. With Australia’s sweltering days and cool nights, a open sweater like this is perfect for throwing over a light dress. One thing we’d have to criticise is the fabric. Like the plaid sweater, this cardi is again quite stiff and not soft and woolly as you’d expect it to be.



*Cardigan: Dresslily
Dress: Valleygirl
Shoes: Valleygirl
Necklace: Lovisa
Ring: Diva
Have you ever ordered anything from Dresslily?

DISCLAIMER: the items marked with a * were sent to us for consideration, but as always our reviews and opinions are honest ones
© M + K

78 thoughts on “Pre-fall Haul + Dresslily Review

  1. Thank you for the detailed reply! We've heard of Shibuya before, but we definitely want to visit all these places when we go 🙂 Thanks again Joshua!

    M + K


  2. That's so disappointing! It's horrible when you receive something from an online order and it falls so short of your expectations. You did well working with what you got though, because I loved all the outfits, especially the plaif sweater!


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