Festival Fashion

It’s summer and the fashionable are out in force, flaunting their wardrobes (and best dance moves) at Australia’s hottest music festivals. If you’ve checked out our previous post (if not what are you waiting for?! click here) you’d have your nails sorted, but now listen up fashionistas, here are some fab outfits to file away for the sizzling days of summer!
Tangy Tangerine
If there was a festival dress code, denim would be top of the list. Stand out in the moshpits by ditching the classic blue washed denim for a pair of khaki cut-offs, and milk all the attention with bright colours and fun prints.


Top from Temt $14.95
Shorts from Just Jeans $49.95 $10
Sunglasses from Dotti $24.95 $7.50
Rings from Colette $9.95 $3
Sandals from Rubi Shoes Sale $4
Canvas the scene
Get ready to dance like nobody is watching in this comfy ensemble. These floral canvas shoes scream trend-setter without sacrificing comfort.



Top from Cotton On $19.95 $13.95
Necklace from Lovisa $14.99 $7
Jacket from SES fashion Sale $6.95
Skirt from Valleygirl $14.95
Shoes from Rubi Shoes Sale $4
Vested interest
When in doubt, go for a boho-chic look. Look the part with a crochet vest, colourful patterns, lace, fedora, layered acessories…the sky’s your limit!


Fedora from Sammy Dress $8.90
Dress (with belt) from JayJays Sale $19.95
Vest from Cocolatte $6.95
Sandals from Target $15
Which outfit would you wear this summer?
Also check out our last post here to learn how to do your own daisy nails.
© M + K

165 thoughts on “Festival Fashion

  1. Usually here in Australia, thongs/flip flops and shorts are the go to festival fashion choice, but we thought we'd give you guys some nicer alternatives. We're glad that people are still reading our older posts!

    M + K


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