Nail it: Ditsy Daises

Flocking of hundreds of music-loving Aussies, stylish bohemians and trend-setters to our annual music festivals is a sure sign that Summer is in full swing. With the promise of sweet tunes, what better way to prepare you for the arm waving and fist pumping than with this easy daisy nail art!

What you’ll need:
 © Nail polishes
© Sharp pointed tool (eg. nail striper, tooth pick, bobby pin or even a paint bursh!)
© Your imagination!!
Now to nail it!
1. Apply 1-2 coats of a colour of your choice, until it forms an opaque base.

2. Using a sharp pointed tool, draw in petals using small lines.


3. Using the same tool, place a dot at the centre of each daisy.


4. Apply a clear top coat to seal in your design…
Ta dah!

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©M + K

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