Frock O’Clock: New Year Outfit Ideas

While most of us are still recovering from the excitement and chaos of Christmas, the New Year is edging closer which means the party season is still in full swing.
But with the Christmas damage to your bank account still fresh, splurging on a NY frock is probably the last thing on your mind.
In the style stakes, NY has always been about all that glitters, and this year is no different. But having a tight budget doesn’t mean that you have to hold back on the wardrobe bling. We decided to get back to our old roots and bring you a few outfit ideas for the 1st of January which don’t require you to squander your life savings.
Neon lights
This outfit has all the right ingredients for the perfect NY ensemble. Sequins- check, a bright pop of colour- check, and of course some foot bling- check!! We also can’t pass over the fact that we picked up this dress for only $9.95, or to put it into perspective, we only paid around 8% of the original price!
Lipstick: Revlon Kissable balm Stain in Sweetheart Valentine from Priceline $17.95 $9
Dress: Portmans $119.95 $9.95
Shoes: Grendha from NOVO $39.95 $15
Silver Linings
If you aren’t brave enough to embrace all the sequins and sparkle that embodies NY, then something like this top is ideal. The silver thread woven into the top, is a more subtle alternative to a heavily beaded or sequined ensemble. Up your party girl status with a statement necklace like this vintage-esque one.
Necklace: Gift
Top: Portmans $69.95 $19.95
Romper:  Paper Scissors $19.95 $13.95
Shoes: Kagui $59.00 $25
Life of the Party
For those who prefer something a little less form fitting, but will rival the fireworks nonetheless, then this is the perfect ensemble! This flowy top isn’t for the spotlight shy with enough beadwork and sequins to  make you the star attraction of the party!
Most of you are probably wondering how a pair of $80 shoes fit in to the concept of ‘fashion on a shoestring budget’. Well, we never used to be big on shoes, let alone spending big bucks on them. But our experiences of limping around with blistered feet have convinced us that shoes are one thing you should invest in. While we still think that you can find quality shoes for less than $50, don’t feel guilty for spending a bit more on shoes that are comfortable and versatile.
Top: Just Jeans 
Romper:  Paper Scissors $19.95 $13.95
Shoes: Airflex from Betts
Radiant Orchid
This whole outfit is a frugal fashionistas paradise! To add an extra sparkle to your outfit, opt for something with a unique cut or hem just like this scalloped top. Radiant Orchid is also the colour of 2014, so we think it is only fit for heralding in the New Year!
Top: Glassons $59.99 $12.50
Skirt: Supre $10 $7
Shoes: Diana Ferrari $89.95 $20
We’ve never been ones to make New Year’s resolutions, but this year, we endeavour to reach 2000 GFC followers by the end of 2014! What are your New Year’s resolutions?


 M + K

Disclaimer: The prices quoted for the pieces listed in this post are what we paid at the time of purchase. The availability and prices of these may vary from the this time of purchase.

50 thoughts on “Frock O’Clock: New Year Outfit Ideas

  1. Hi Jennie!! We have just checked out your post, and feel extremely flattered to be included in the list along with sites like Vogue! We don't mind you sharing our blog because we too believe in “sharing good stuff”!

    M + K


  2. Hey Girls! Awesome and inspiring post!! 😀
    You dont need to publish the rest of this comment, I write here cos I couldn´t get your emailadress to work :/
    Just wanted to tell you I have linked from my blog to yours cos I know there are som DIYers reading mine as well and Im a strong beliver of Sharing Good Stuff, and your blog truly is one 😀 If you dont feel its ok or have wrote somewhere you dont want anyone to link, I apoligaize for missing that out and will of cousre take it away (and no hard feelings I promise :D)

    Happy New Year! May all your wishes for 2014 come true!
    (here´s the link where your blog are: )


  3. The yellow dress is so striking! I like how these outfits feature pretty sparkly sequins and things. It's a nice touch of uniqueness. Nice post! Hope you had a great Christmas!


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