Last minute DIY Christmas ideas

Christmas is only 3 sleeps away. In other words, if you haven’t bought, wrapped and placed all your gifts under the Christmas tree, then you better get a hurry on! We know that finding the perfect present is itself stressful, but for us, it is only half the battle. Gift wrapping and cards are also part of the challenge. As big DIY-ers, we love making our own Christmas tags and cards, so we thought we’d give those struggling to get everything done a help in hand. Here are some snaps of our Christmas handy work.
Christmas cards

For those, thirsty for a challenge, here is a Christmas card we made using quiling. It will take some time to get a grip of it, but trust us, with a little bit of practice and a few failed attempts, you’ll be popping out cards fit for the stores in no time!

What you will need:
Craft glue
Ribbon (of your choice)
Quiling paper
Quiling tool
Glitter glue
 1. Start off by printing or writing your Christmas message on the front of your card.
2. Using a cylindrical object, form a circle with your strip of quiling paper.
3. Glue the circle slightly off centre to leave room for some ribbon (don’t worry,the craft glue should dry clear!)
4. Roll the quiling paper using a quiling tool.
5. Paste the completed pieces into the circle
6. Use different sized circles to fill up your bauble

7. With some glitter glue, draw in a bow and string for the bauble

8. Paste a strip of ribbon vertically down the side of the card and voila!

If you’re still stuck in a rut, here is another of our Christmas cards that we conjured up.


Christmas gift tags
Below are some cute tags we made which are quite simple, but are great for personalising gifts for loved ones.

Good luck and Merry Christmas one and all!
Do you like to DIY when it comes to Christmas wrapping and cards?

M + K

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