Swifty Style Snag

Singer, song writer, guitarist, actress, avid baker and cat-lover. Taylor can now add fashionista to her exhaustingly longlist of talents. If there is anything we love more than her catchy toe tapping tunes, it’s Miss Swift’s preppy style.
Looking at all the snaps of the country singer, what sticks out is Taylor’s penchant for all things srtipey and polka-dotty, and the navy and reds which dominate her wadrobe. So we thought for this post we’d put together 2 outfits which showcase these elemtns which are quintessentially Tay Tay.
Strike a Stripe:

Shorts: Cotton On
Shoes: Betts
Polka Dot, Why Not!

These polka dot shorts were not what we expected when we saw them online. They are a lot more thick and felt-like compared to the soft cotton we were anticipating. Considering the heavier material, we think these shorts would be ideal for the cooler months paired with some tights and boots.

We’d hate to end our post on a sour note, but while we were given these pieces for consideration, we always want to give honest reviews so that our readers can make wise of their hard earned pennies. We were disappointed by the quality of (or lack of) customer service from Ever Buying. We received our package over a month after putting in our order, and we were given a tracking code which did not work at all.
Shirt: Cocalatte
Shorts and belt: Everbuying
Necklace: Sportsgirl 
Shoes: Valleygirl

We just want to congratulate Petra who won our Ever Buying giveaway, and for everyone else who entered. We will definitely be holding more giveaways in the future so make sure you stay tuned by following us on GFC and Bloglovin’.

 © M + K

73 thoughts on “Swifty Style Snag

  1. Most of the pieces we have in our wardrobe were bought on sale for example in our latest post, we styled a dress which we bought for around 8% of its original price! It also helps when you have a twin who you can share your clothes with. It means double the wardrobe! And if you pay close attention to all our posts, you'll notice that we re-use A LOT of the pieces, but as we stress in all our posts, smart accessorising is the key to transforming any outfit. So a simple necklace or belt mean the same piece of clothing can be worn in infinite ways!

    M + K


  2. I've always loved Taylor's style and i think you have captured it perfectly in both outfits. It's a shame that customer service was an issue with the store, the pieces look cute on you!


  3. We have the same probelm actually!! For some reason we always gravitate towards striped pieces. We've promised ourselves, “no more stripes”, but guess what we bought the other day? Yep, you guessed it, a striped top!

    It is really fun collaborating with your twin! it is probably one of the best parts about blogging

    M + K


  4. Thanks Azu! We really appreciate you dropping by, and are extremely glad that you like our blog and this post 🙂 Her stylist is definitely amazing, but we think Taylor brings an extra something that no stylist can create with threads!

    M + K


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