5 days of Celeb Style: Day #1 Lana Del Rey

Hey guys! This week we thought we would bring you something a little different. We’ve decided to do a 5 Days of Celeb Style series. Throughout this week we’ll be emulating some of our famous fashionistas.
The first of this series is none other than Lana Del Rey! With her penchant for florals and all things hipster, we thought Lana would be the perfect celeb to
kick-start the series.
Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey by mplusk

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28 thoughts on “5 days of Celeb Style: Day #1 Lana Del Rey

  1. We've just searched up that very picture, and she really looked amazing. She's also gorgeous in the other shots for H&M, especially the ones with the floral trousers!

    M + K


  2. She is, isn't she?! We love her style so much so we thought she was the perfect celeb to kick of this series! We're glad you like. Keep tuned because we have 4 more celeb styles coming up this week!

    M + K


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