Peace, love and all things Boho! Feat. Mall of Style

With Spring in full swing, and Summer not too far away, we thought it was the perfect time to showcase one of our favourite styles- Boho-chic.
When it comes to being a free-spirited dresser, it can often be difficult to get the balance right.
Transform your wardrobe for a boho-worthy style by mixing classic pieces with some of your favourite boho finds. Think wild prints, maxi dresses, crochet vests and chiffon tops. Embrace your inner gypsy and add a bit of zing to your outfit with quirky extras. Jewellery is definitely the key to conquering the flawless boho babe look.
Eclectic pieces like this beaded bracelet are perfect for adding an ethnic or tribal vibe to your outfit. Stacking bracelets is almost an art form. Instad of weighing your arm down with your entire jewellery collection, achieve a similar look with a wrap or wider bracelet. We love this bracelet from Mall of Style because it is a perfect fit for our teeny tiny wrists.



Dress: Valleygirl

*Beaded Bracelet: Mall of Style
Shoes: Ipanemas
Up your boho status by layering contrasting fabrics and patterns. A faux fur or crochet vest over a cute dress is a match made in heaven! For a more girly vibe we opted for these patterned pearl earrings from Mall of Style. To be honest, they are alot bigger than they looked online, but we think that they add a modern touch to the hippie-chic outfit.

*Pearl Earrings: Mall of Style
Crochet Vest: Cocolatte
Sandals: Novo


The bohemian style eats, lives and breathes accessories, so make sure you look the part by checking out Mall of Style for more jewellery!

© M+ K

DISCLAIMER: the items marked with a * were sent to us for consideration, but as always our reviews and opinions are honest ones.


66 thoughts on “Peace, love and all things Boho! Feat. Mall of Style

  1. Aren't they?! We love that it is subtle but still gorgeous! Especially when it catches the light.

    p.s. no problems on this end- we can only see one comment 🙂

    M + K


  2. You're not alone there! Boho is definitely one of our fave styles too 🙂 Yes, but it is about balance especially with accessorising. That's great! let us know how you go 😉

    M + K


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