Citrus Crush

When it comes to seasons and colours, we love to bend the rules. In fact we ignore them all together. While darker palettes are all the rage in the chillier months, we love our bright prints and colours. From the modest pastels to the loud neons, you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace colours all year round either. Here’s one way you can rock all the colours of the rainbow this season!

Citrus Crush

Citrus Crush by mplusk

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31 thoughts on “Citrus Crush

  1. This is such a great idea that I'm actually trying to apply this year. It is hard for me because I naturally tend to go towards beiges, blacks and greys… I would say that 95% of my winter wardrobe is in that color palette (oups) ! I love love love bright colors (all of my work out clothes are neon pinks and blues and greens) and so I'm definitely going to try to find at least a couple of colorful piece to wear 🙂

    FunnyFace xoxo


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