Aztec Awesomeness

Type in any search engine “winter fashion”. Go on have you done it yet? Well if you haven’t, you can trust us when we tell you that the search results are littered with images of chunky knits, boots and earth tones. Today’s outfit showcases all three of these elements, but what we are most excited about is the aztec knit. What we love about this cardigan (besides the cute toggle button!) is that it requires next to none styling or accessorising. Like a flying pig, the aztec print pretty much speaks for itself. But if you do choose to add a little bling like us, here is a little tip- try picking out colours from the print like we did with the blue, black and white rings. Together with the tan combat boots, we think this makes for a cosy equestrianesque look fit to brave the cold winter chill!
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50 thoughts on “Aztec Awesomeness

  1. They really are perfect when you want a trendy outfit but you don't have the time or energy to think too much!

    p.s. thank you! we are definitely working on our posing!!

    M + K


  2. I love aztec knits in winter! I agree that they are statement pieces in themselves so they definitely make for a no-fuss outfit 🙂

    p.s I love your model posing!!


  3. You definitely should try finding a nice aztec knit for winter! as we said in the post, we love the print because it speaks for itself so little fuss is required

    M + K


  4. I love that knitted cardigan <3 ahhh the reality will soon sink in... the cold winter will come soon here in toronto!
    hehe but I definitely love that look! where did you get those lovely boots?


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