Nail it: Vintage floral

So it’s no secret that we love Spring and Summer. From the moment autumn and winter came round, we have been dying for the warmer months to arrive on our doorsteps, and with a few months til that happens, we thought we would indulge in a little Spring/Summer nail art ahead of time to quench our thirst for the sun, sand and all things floral!
No professional nail art tools were needed for any of these looks, so even a novice nail artiste can nail this look. All you’ll need are some nail polishes and a bobby pin…easy!Now, it may look like a ton of different colours were used, but trust us, this vintage floral work of art is very simple to achieve.
Nail polishes used for look 1
Nail polioshes used for look 2
Nail these vintage floral nails in 5 easy steps!!
1. Apply 2-3 coats of your desired colour until it forms an opaque base.
2. Allow your base colour to dry completely then. with another colour, roughly paint 2-3 blobs onto each nail. These are the starts of your flowers.
3. Again, allow the blobs to dry before using the tip of a bobby pin to add detail to your flowers. It is completely upto you how and where you draw lines. This is what we did:
– traced the flower
– place a dot at the centre
– draw a rough scribble around the centre

4. Using the bobby pin, add leaves to the flower. You can also use a lighter green to draw in veins. This is optional.
5. The final step is to seal your artwork! Apply a top coat for a glossy finish and to make the design last.
Now, there is no need to be perfectionists with this look. We found that it actually looked better when the lines were less precise. Just relax and enjoy the experience of DIY nail art!
Do you have any other great nail art ideas you think we should try? Let us know and we might just try to nail it!
© M + K

116 thoughts on “Nail it: Vintage floral

  1. Reall?! well they are deifnitely alot cheaper to do than buying those stickers 🙂 You don't need to have a surgeons steady hands to achieve this look! you just a need a little patience and enthusiasm!

    M + K


  2. Oh wow these are so beautiful! I really want to try to do this myself but don't think my hands are steady enough. It reminds me a lot of Cath Kidston and actually thought they were stickers on your nails because they look so good!

    Rebecca x


  3. Thank you Andrea! they look like a lot of work but trust us, they're not. We hope some other great nail art ideas lined up so make sure you keep checking back!

    M + K


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