OOTD:celebratory shopping trip!

Hey fashionistas! Sorry we were MIA last week but we were hard at work studying for our exams. But now that we’re done, we have some exciting posts in the pipeline, so watch out for them in the coming weeks.

 To celebrate the end of our exams, last week we thought that we deserved a little retail therapy!

 Here’s what one of us wore while painting the town red… 

 Top: Valleygirl $19.95 SALE $ 9.95 

 Skirt: Valleygirl $24. 95 SALE $14.95


Let us know what you do to celebrate the end of your exams! And don’t forget to follow us on Bloglovin’ and GFC to keep up to date with all our new posts.

M + K

41 thoughts on “OOTD:celebratory shopping trip!

  1. Denim and floral is definitely a match made in heaven! Who doesn't love somme retail therapy after weeks chained to the table studying, right?!

    M + K


  2. They are definitely a match made in heaven 🙂 Great idea, but unfortunately it is winter here in Australia so we'll probably have to hold off on the beach for a while!

    M + K


  3. Cute! Love the colors of the floral top and the pairing with a more casual denim-like skirt. It's a comfy yet girly outfit. And wow, for how cheaply you got everything, that's AMAZING!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just started on BL. Hope we can stay connected : )



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