Nail it: Newspaper Nails

Hi all!!
Today we wanted to bring you something a little different. While fashion is our greatest love, we also like to dabble in all things arty and beauty too. If you have noticed in our previous posts, we’re always changing up our nail polishes and love trying out new colours and designs.
While it’s always nice to indulge in the occassional trip to the nail salon, it can get a little pricey. So as self proclaimed frugal fashionistas, it’s no surprise that we love DIY manicures.With good quality nail polishes, a little inspiration and some creativity, getting salon-worthy nails is a breeze.
We might be a little late with this newspaper nail trend, but we’ve been reading so many blog posts and watching so many tutorials, and they all use rubbing alcohol (which we wanted to avoid!). We finally decided to try it with water instead and it worked amazingly! We had a lot of fun trying this out for the first time, so read on to see how to nail this trend!

You will need:

Pieces of newspaper large enough to cover your entire nail
Base and top coat
Another nail polish of your choice

Nail it:

1. Apply a clear base coat
2. Apply 1-2 coats of your desired polish colour and let it dry thoroughly

                   Sportsgirl Nail polish (colour unkown)
3. Dip each nail into a cup of water

4. Take a small piece of newspaper and firmly press it onto your nail for 30 seconds, and repeat on all nails. (the longer you press the paper onto your nails, the darker the ink will transfer!)
5. Peel off newspaper
6. Apply a clear top coat to seal the ink and to add a glossy finish to your nails

7. Use nail polish remover to wipe away excess nail polish and your done!!


For our first time,we were quite impressed with how well it worked out!

If you’re not brave enough to dive into the scary world of nail art, you can always try sporting an accent nail. Leave the rest of your nails painted a single shade and add a little pizazz with the newspaper print!

If you try this out let us know how it goes and a leave comment with suggestions for nail art we should attempt next!

 ♥ M + K



42 thoughts on “Nail it: Newspaper Nails

  1. sure! let us know when you put up the post, we would love to check out your take on this. We hope you have as much fun as we did trying this out!!

    M + K


  2. ooohhh I am going to try this very very soon! I want your permission to link your blog to my blog? as I dont want people saying that they saw the exact same thing on your blog! hope you are good 🙂 loved that you are a twin as well 🙂


  3. Oh, what a great post, I've always wanted to do this, thank you for the tutorial, it's awesome! ^^ And thank you soo much for your comment from earlier today, followed your wonderful blog! <333

    Liana x


  4. This is so creative! I've seen this around, it looks different from the standard one colour paint job! Will definitely do this during the summer!


  5. We would have never thought of this either but when we saw pictures of them floating around we were excited to master it!
    You can count on more fun DIY manicure ideas in the future!

    M + K


  6. That is such a clever idea. I'm really starting to get into nails lately, such an idea would never have even crossed my mind. Definitely looking forward to your future nail ventures!


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