Flappin’ Fabulous: A 1920s Inspired Outfit

With the much anticipated release of Baz Lurhman’s The Great Gatsby, we thought we’d take a step back in time and bring you a 1920s inspired outfit with a contemporary twist.

Source: VOGUE

 When we think of the roaring twenties, the first thing thast comes to mind is the Flappers. For us, fashion in this era was all about being over the top and extravagant. Beaded and sequined shift dressses with longer hemlines were the skater skirts of the Jazz Age. But what defines the Flapper fashion for us is the sugary palettes and the overaccessorising. While the outfit we’ve put together is alot more toned down and wearable, the 1920s was all about the bling!

Vintage Glam Headband from Diva$12.99 SALE $6
Skater Dress with scattere sequins from ASOS$91.93 SALE $27.58
Zip wallet from Colette $9.97
Lots of Pearls Coil Bracelt from Diva $14.99 SALE $6
Flower Crystal Pearl Stretch Bracelet from Colette– $12.95
Amos Bronze from Payless Shoes $49.99 SALE $29.99

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Should we bring back the 1920s Flapper style?

M + K

28 thoughts on “Flappin’ Fabulous: A 1920s Inspired Outfit

  1. We love that the dress is a bit more feminine and soft 🙂 you could definitely wear this out during the day because it is so versatile. You can either dress it up or down

    Ok thanks 🙂 We've heard so much about the brand and are keen to try some of their products.

    M + K


  2. That's a cute 20s inspired outfit. I love the sequined dress. This would be nice to wear during the day time too. Plus, the color is so soft and pretty. 🙂

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I haven't found any information yet if Flower cosmetics ship to Australia. I sure will let you know though if I find anything out about shipping over there. Take care. 🙂


  3. We definitely agree that we could have gone more flapper but we wanted to keep this modern and wearable. Think of it as a 21st century flapper outfit!

    M + K


  4. thank you!! we really were aiming for a wearable look. it probably isn't the most authentic flapper look but we were definitely inspired by the 1920s. This was our modern take on it and we're glad you like it as much as we do!

    M + K


  5. i've been waiting for a gatsby inspired look!! love your modern take on it. I'll definitely have to find an outfit like this for my next dress-up party!



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