Styling "Pumped Up Kicks"

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have noticed that canvas shoes are taking the world by storm. Every second pair of feet we pass on the street seems to be laced up in Vans, Keds or Toms. With comfort one of our top priorities, these are our ideal footwear of choice. If you are brave enough to rock a pair of patterned canvas shoes (like the one we’ll be styling today), they can also double as the perfect accesory for any outfit.
We like to call these floral lace-ups our rainbow shoes. We know we can count on these to inject a splash of colour on any day (we also think it is worth mentioning that we picked these up for a ridiculous $4!!). So here’s how we style our pumped up kicks”…

Floral Canvas Lace ups from Rubi Shoes on SALE $4

We love our pastels, and our pastel jeans are no exception. Even during the autumn/winter months we refuse to pack them away, and why should we?! Paired with a relaxed tee and our rainbow shoes, this makes for a cute, comfy casual outfit!



As you’ve probably gathered from our Pinterest, denim is another one of our many loves. This dress adds a playful and girly twist to our floral lace-ups, and how about the dual denim detail?!


If you’re looking for a comfy alternative to your blister-inducing shoes, look no further! Go and get yourselves a cute pair of canvas shoes and throw those band-aids away!

So what are your thoughts?! Which outfit can you see yourself wearing?

♥ M + K


67 thoughts on “Styling "Pumped Up Kicks"

  1. Unfortunately it's freezing here in Australia so we can'r really where these outfits out 😦 but we love sharing these ideas with you guys because we know that some of you are loucky enough to be in spring/summer now

    M + K


  2. We're glad you like these ideas! The floral lace ups definitetly scream summer but we also like wearing them in winter to add a pop of colour to our outfits 🙂

    M + K


  3. These rainbow shoes are so cute and vibrant! Perfect for summer.
    I really like those simple pastel jeans too, you've come up with some great outfits!

    Kathryn x


  4. You've made our day Michelle, thanks :)Before we found this one we were looking around for one for a while. we love it so much that we've been wearing it every day

    M + K


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