Lexa Snag Her Style

We know we’ve featured this celeb in our Style Snag series before, but there is no shortage of fashion inspiration when it comes to Alexa Chung. While some of her fashion choices have us scratching our heads, others leave us wanting more. We snagged this particular look because it showcases 2 of the season’s greatest trends- monochrome and lace (which you all know we LOVE!).

Source: WENN.com

 What celebrities do you turn to for fashion inpiration? Will you be rockin’ the monochrome and lace trends this season? Let us now in the comments.
 M + K

89 thoughts on “Lexa Snag Her Style

  1. Ciao Em,
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your skirt… its gorgeous!!
    You look stunning in this outfit!
    Thanks so much for the visit to my blog… it meant the world to me.
    I am now following you in Google+ as well.
    Sorry about my late comment… I did not get notice that you made one and I am just now going back on my blog and finding a lot of others did the same thing and I have missed them. I think something was up with Google.. haha.
    Anyway… Have an awesome weekend Bella!!
    Hugs & Kisses,


  2. Thanks Nee! We're enjoying the Style Snag series too! It's great to have a little noisy into our favourites celebs' wadrobe and try to recreate them ourselves. Lace definitely has a romantic feel and we agree, the tiers are cool! We think that's what drew us to the skirt (besides the fact that it is lace of course!)

    M + K


  3. Really?! A skirt like this is definitely a must have. You should give this look a go. We never thought it would work but when we saw Alexa rockin' this combination we decided to give it a spin and tada! Not too shabby, right?!

    M + K


  4. i really love how you do all thos celebrity-inspired outfits <3
    the skirt you're wearing here is super romantic, thos lace layers are really cool! lots of love & have a great weekend xx


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