Fabulous Finds

Ok, so we know that winter is just around the corner but with the odd warm day here and there and in an attempt to hold onto the last rays of sunshine, we’ve put together a little post of fabulous finds. Perhaps this will give those of you lucky enough to be heading into summer a little inspiration, and for the rest of us, it will give us something to look forward to as we wait for the mercury to rise once again.
Denim Chambray on Sale for $4.83 from Target
Navy Lace Shell top $45.35 $22.68 from New Look
Mint Crochet Top $19.99 $14.99 from Ally
Cream Floral Cut Out Skater Skirt $25.69 $9.07 from New Look
Pair of Crochet belts on Sale for $7.96  from ASOS
Brown Lattice Sandal $19.95 $9.95 from Factorie
Silver Twist Earrings $4.95 $2.97 from Colette
Black Cross-body Bag $14.95 $11.21 from Colette
Cream Crochet Lace Shoes $39.99 $12 from CityBeach
Blue Lace Sleeveless Dress $37.80 $22.68 from New Look
We had a ton of fun scrolling through our favourte online stores looking for inspirational pieces for all you lovely people, and we can definitely agree that all of our finds are extremely affordable. We are looking forward to adding to this series and continuing to bring you more Fabulous Finds!
We hope you love all these pretty things as much as we do!!

p.s. For some last minute gift ideas for your mum this Mother’s Day, be sure to check out our Random Ramblings page.
M + K

73 thoughts on “Fabulous Finds

  1. Hello! Very nice blog and interesting posts, great atmosphere.
      Have a nice day. 🙂
    Welcome to our blog about photography. +
    I hope you also enjoy it with us.


    “Do what you love is not even that, but anyway”


  2. Thanks Laura! That is exactly what we aim to do- to show you guys that you can still look great without breaking open your piggy banks!!

    M + K


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