Elegance…"Forget about the price tag"

Do you ever find yourself lusting over celebrity wardrobes, thinking that your pockets are not deep enough to replicate their style? Well erase that thought, because today we are going to show you that, in Jessie J’s words, it “Ain’t about the cha-ching, cha-ching”. For us, when it comes to fashion, elegance and style is not defined by the label or price tag. While we’ve swooned over the style of many A-listers, we’ve also witnessed our fair share of fashion flops… so clearly, money doesn’t buy style.
In all our shopping ventures we’ve discovered countless pieces that would definitely give any designer threads a run for their money. One of our favourite finds has to be this pale pink lace dress from Portmans.

Lace is a feminie fabric that can be styled to look elegant with delicate accessories, or edgy with heavy metal pieces. The nude, knotted wedge sandals in our look adds to the elegance with the sleeves making this the perfect dress for an Autumn wedding. We thought that it would also be worth mentioning that this dress was originally $119.95, but we snagged this beauty for an awesome $20.97!! That’s a massive 83% off!!  How’s that for a bargain?!



So remember that what makes a winning outfit is not its price, but how you wear it. The best accessory for any outfit is confidence, and if you have that, then you’re guaranteed to have every celebrity green with envy!
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© M + K

147 thoughts on “Elegance…"Forget about the price tag"

  1. Thanks for your comment on my beauty box swap post. Beauty box swaps are so fun. Its great to gather things together as well as receive a nice surprise!
    Luv your blog and this dress looks so gorgeous! The peachy colour is also perfect for the springtime too 🙂
    You're lucky to bag such a good bargain and I agree on wearing outfits with confidence x


  2. We're glad you agree with us, Joelyne! The best thing about saving some money here and there is that you have more to spend on other cheeky purchases!

    M + K


  3. Exactly! You can definitely look a million bucks on a shoe string budget 🙂 And yes, snagging a bargain (especially something as big as an 85% discount) is always satisfying!

    M + K


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