We were nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!

As you might have figured we are pretty new to the blogosphere and so were suprised and extremely flattered when we were nominated  for The Versatile Blogger Award. We just want to give a shout out to our fellow Aussie, Bo from About Bo and fashionista Renews way for nominating us. If you haven’t already, hop onto their amazing blogs, we gurantee you won’t be disappointed. !
If you’re not familar with the rules of The Versatile Blog Award, you can read them here.

So we’re just going to go ahead and share with you 7 fun facts about us…

1. (Incase you don’t know) we are twin sisters
2. We love movies that make us cry
3. We’re massive fans of The Hunger Games (can’t wait for the next movie!)
4. Our favourite ice cream flavour is Cookies ‘n’ Cream
5. We’re obsessed with anything that has lace or bows
6. Our favourite season is Spring
7. We like scrapbooking in our spare time

And here are 15 blogs we’ve been loving:
© 101 Fashion Street
© Abby’s Illustrations
© Fashion of a Novice
© Fragile Bird
© Milk Bubble Tea
© How About Orange
© The Misty Mom
© A Quite Journal
© The Trendy Surfer
© Not Quite Nigella
© The Daily Sugar
© Flip and Style
© Bookaholics
© Trimarni
© Inspirational Picture Quotes

© M + K




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