Our Little Black Dress

Every girl should have a trusty LBD (‘Little Black Dress’) in her wadrobe, but not every girl has deep pockets. While a black dress is one item we believe you can afford to splurge on, we did not have to look far for this Just Jeans dress which you could almost buy with your loose change (on sale to ONLY $10!!).
At first glance this LBD looks quite simple, but the knotted back and sequined detailing make for a versatile dress that can be dressed down for a casual lunch date or bedazzled for a fancy night out.

 Here we’ve chosen to pair the dress with blue suede sandals for a bohemianesque look.
 Unlike your typical LBD that only gets whipped out for the occasional soiree, this particular number is appropriate for just about any occassion, and for the price tag we can’t complain!
© M + K

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