"Dress up like Hipsters"

Worn by the likes of Taylor Swift and Zoey Deschanel, Hipster fashion is as popular as ever. We brainstormed some wearable outfit ideas to help you channel your inner hipster.
Stripes and high-waisted jeans are essentials for a basic hipster look, especially for those who are just starting to experiment with this style but do not want to dive into the deep end just yet.




This is a dressier option for aspiring hipsters, with the bows giving the outfit a unique touch.




This is our favourite by far. The mocassins  add a nice pop of colour with the layering of the denim and the sweater making this the perfect outfit for transitioning into Autumn.



The Hipster trend may not be your cup of tea, but hopefully with this post we have inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and dabble in different styles. If you are not brave enough then start off small, with something like the first outfit, and as you build up the courage, work your way up to a look that is more adventrous.
© M + K

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