Tackling the End of Season Sales!

The end of season sales are fast approaching. Summer is drawing to an end and autumn and winter stock is slowly beginning to filter into stores. Retailers are completely aware of how willingly we are to make impulse purchases, sucked in by the hype of the sales. They take advantage of this and plaster stores in “Sale” signs, hoping to tempt you into buying something you’ll probably regret once your heart palpitations stop and you are no longer blinded by the frenzy of the sales.
But never fear, we have some great tips to prepare you to brave the sales and come away with great bargains that will serve you for many seasons to come.

Stocktake your wardrobe and see what you already have. Often you will find that there will be things you bought in the previous summer sales hanging up with price tags still attached, and others you’ve only worn once or twice. After auditing your wardrobe make a list of particular prints, colours, etc that you may be missing. This will keep you focused in store and prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the excessive red sale signage. Make sure that items on your list are versatile and something you will get a lot of wear out of. You should be able to list a few items already in your wardrobe with which it can be paired with. If not, leave it off your list.
How much are you willing to spend? Particularly if your shopping with your credit card, specify a limit because let’s face it, nothing will ruin your shopping experience more than a debt hangover.
Elbow pads and boxing gloves are optional, but remember to wear something comfortable and practical. Our go to outfits for big sales are singlets and skirts or a dress which allow you to dodge the long queues for fitting rooms. These two options allow you to try tops and jackets over your outfit as well as skirts, jeans and shorts underneath it. For shoes we also like our most comfortable pair of slip on sandals or thongs/flip flops so that there are no fiddly laces or buckles to slow you down when trying on shoes. This brings us to another point; ALWAYS try on clothes before buying them. No matter how great the bargain and how good it may look on the mannequin you may find it less than flattering on yourself.
4.     STAY CALM
Do not get overwhelmed by signs and tags highlighting sales. Stick to your list and budget, and make sure what you are getting is a good discount. Let’s admit, even when we do start a shopping trip with a list we can deviate from it time to time. Don’t make this a habit. If you do decide to buy something make sure it’s not an impulse decision made in the frenzy of the sale. You still need to think about how versatile it is, how well will it go with other items already in your wardrobe and whether you can live without it. If you are unsure, leave it behind and if you find yourself day dreaming about that dress or pair of shoes than you can always revisit the stores. You may find yourself getting an even greater bargain with the further reductions at the end of the sales. Also be aware of store return policies just in case you change your mind.
When you get home try on the day’s buys once again before wearing anything and removing tags. Make sure that the clothes fit you well, because once the hooha of the sale dies down and the adrenaline fades, you may often find yourself changing your mind and realising that maybe the mustard and avocado striped shirt doesn’t really flatter your body. Most stores should let you return anything as long as it is unworn and the tags are still attached. Make sure you keep your receipts and return your purchase as soon as possible otherwise that unflattering top might just become a permanent piece in your wardrobe. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than buyer’s remorse.

Keep in mind these basic tips when you’re out shopping the sales and you’ll definitely be keeping more money in your pocket – where it belongs.
Happy shopping!

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